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New design accessories of piping

  • General spatially loses the tube to meet on the way the transformation direction to pick the big R diameter elbow piece or the simple bend, but easily produces the pipe wall because od the raw material high speed transportation to wear and to stop up. The wear-resisting bend decreases the raw material impact using the cushion room and the difference lamination to reduce the abrasion and to enable the raw material to achieve the laminar transportation effect, causes its raw material to consume largely to reduce.
  • Characteristic

  • Bears the abrasion : A service life more curved fitting enhances above 10 times.
  • Province space : The Wear-resisting bend installs the radius to be small, favor spatially loses the pipeline disposition
  • Time-saving province cost : The cushion room wears only must replace the cushion room cover.
  • The raw material consumes lowly : This product picks the laminar transportation patent design, therefore comparatively general simple bears the curved characteristic to be goodWear-resisting bend explanation air lift pipeline new sharp weapon.