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Tube Chain Conveyors


tube chain conveyors is also known as Tube chain conveyors, pipe conveyors, pipe conveyors, chain conveyor tube. Its connection is divided into two kinds of pipe and pipe string chain. Tube chain conveyors are in a closed tube inside a mechanical system movement, with stable performance in the transportation system, energy saving, environmental protection, sealing characteristics. Continuously conveying powder, paste, granular and small block and other bulk materials, can also be horizontal, inclined and vertical combination delivery. Its widely used in various industries, chemical fiber, pesticides, minerals, plastics, rubber, grain, coal, food industry, construction materials and so on.


  1. material : It can deliver high and low temperatures and moist powdered grain and other materials, or other conditions materials
  2. drain : Host sprocket and chain have drainage effect,it can convey the sludge in the bottom of the tank or other similar environment
  3. reduce noise and vibration :sprockets, chains, scraper, cooperate with each other to minimize abrasion and reduce noise and vibration
  4. run : can run parallel and vertical
  5. assemble :two semicircular nylon blade assemble on the chain, easy to assemble and replace
  6. Disassembly :conveyor is pipe elbow group and machine are used quick connector
  7. chain : chain's tightness plus counterweight or spring means, to reach a certain of tightness
  8. bearing :bearings are used completely waterproof and dustproof design ,to ensure bearing's life
  9. seal :All pipelines and export is sealed to prevents dust explosion, and to prevent environmental pollution harmful dust
  10. control :control box improve the mechanical automatic functions to achieve health and safety requirements in modern factory environment