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Whole plant plastic materials of powder delivery system

Powder & Pellet convey: high pressure, medium pressure, low pressure & vacuum suction conveyor.

  1. Should be professional and experienced to do research and design. Next it can't be ignored to learn physical and chemical properties and appropriateness. For example, bridgeable、fluidity、moisture content drying...etc
  2. Transmission capacity is the most important of the production line. The design of diameter(pipeline)、air quantity、wind pressure and wind velocity should have conditions、feature selection、transportation methods. In order to avoid to cause inferior quality that material handling, it is for professional.
  3. Provide process design of air quality, environmental industry attach importance to quality improvement considerations. Infiltration of contaminated materials should be avoided. Nsure the purity of the material quality and thus reduce the rate of occurrence of adverse quality. Good filtration process will give the highest quality competitiveness and development.