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Dosing Station

  1. weighing unit : HBM / 20KG K-PW6C-N-C3 sensor [sensor: 20kg (Germany HBM)]
  2. feed : masterbatch artificial feeding
  3. Stepping Motor (Moon's)
  4. Touch Screen Controller : 7-inch (HDM)
  5. controller : SCM
  6. Hopper : 7L / 12L, 304 stainless steel
  7. screw : 304 stainless steel, diameter 10,12,20mm
  8. precision : <10g (masterbatch per module) an accuracy of ± 0.5 ~ 1 ≧ (masterbatch amount per module) accuracy of ± 1g
  9. color error : 0.5% or less (color test machine)

  1. HDL-C-30 : The following injection molding machines for 300T
  2. HDL-C-60 : for 300T ~ 1800T injection molding machine

  1. To mix with addition of masterbatch, either simultaneously with the injection molding machine injection molding and extrusion machines can also connect
  2. have high and low stock level accuracy deviation, motor abnormality alarm function. After the alarm has stopped, delay, delay shutdown, ignoring the corresponding manner
  3. There are a set of analog input and output signals, digital input and output signal of a group
  4. can be used with automatic feeding machine connection, perform masterbatch fully automated feeding, feeding
  5. All components disassembly without any tools
  6. work information recording features include: feeding the recording, the recording machine operator, record parameter changes from 0 to 9999 can effectively recording machine message
  7. 9 sets of parameters can be saved directly adjust using